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Inplanta Innovations, Inc.


Inplanta Innovations, Inc. is a spin out company from RIKEN and we provide technology and infrastructure to develop new value added plants.  We are the only one plant development R&D company providing full-services in Japan - from gene analysis and plant transformation to plant cultivation in greenhouse and isolated field tests.  Our consulting services cover whole plant bio-business based on our research, development and commercialization experience.  Our aim is to maximize plant functions and to expand abilities of plants by biotechnology.


Company profile

Company name



Leading Venture Plaza 409,

75-1, Onomachi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama,

230-0046 JAPAN

TEL: 045-500-0538

FAX: 045-500-0578


Established in



Kenichi Takane


173 million yen



Access Map

Access to the Leading Venture Plaza

● 5 minutes walking distance from Tsurumi-Ono Station, JR Tsurumi line.

   ● 35 min from Tokyo station (22km)

   ● 26 min from Haneda airport (12km)

   ● 20 min from Yokohama station (6km)

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