Vectors:pBI series

pBI series are binary vectors with pBI vector backbone and Gateway® cassette for cloning.  pBI series includes various vectors for your experiments, gene expression with any promoter, overexpression, and RNA silencing.  Vectors with GFP as reporter gene, and vectors with specific sequences to distinguish introduced gene from native one at RT-PCR, are also available.

Size and buffer

Size : 10µg

Buffer : 10mM Tris-HCl(pH7.4) , 1mM EDTA



How to use

1. Prepare entry clone which harboring your target gene. ※1

    Some methods are available to make entry clones though, we recommend to use BP reaction※2 with PCR products and donor vectors. ※3

  (Selection of E. coli is dependent on antibiotic resistance of donor vector.  Competent cells of DH5α※4 with high efficiency over 1010 are recommended.)


2. Prepare expression clone by LR ※4 reaction with entry clone which was prepared in the step 1 and destination vector.

 (Kanamycin should be used for selection.  Competent cells of DH5α※5 with high efficiency over 10^10 are recommended.)


3. Transform the expression clone which was prepared at step 2. into Agrobacterium and infect them to plants.

 (Transgenic plants must be selected by antibiotics which is designated for each vector. )


※1 See invitrogen HP for in detail.

※2 Invitrogen Gateway BP Clonase Enzyme Mix

※3 Invitrogen pDONR Gateway/Zeo vector(Zeocin resistance)

※4 Invitrogen Gateway LR Clonase Enzyme Mix

※5 Invitrogen Library Efficiency DH5α Competent cells


Fusion construct

・For fusion construct of your purpose gene and the fluorescent protein gene, please adjust codon frame of both genes.


License and guarantee

・Gateway® system is Trade mark of Invitrogen Inc.  A license agreement is required for purchase and use of this vector.

・The vectors have been functionally estimated in plant transformation test in RIKEN and transformed into E coli., amplified and purified in Inplanta Innovations Inc.

・Other purpose of transformation of plants are not warranted, for example, using of fragments cut out from vectors.

・Listed products are intended for laboratory research use only.


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